Ketan wrote:
whats the difference between setting zone capped-memory from zoncfg and setting rctl: name: zone.max-locked-memory .. if changed the zone.max-locked-memory with prctl it does not change in rcapstat .. but if change with rcapadm it reflects in rcapstat o/p

The capped-memory resource allows you to set
three different properties; physical, swap
and locked.  These three caps are enforced
in different ways.  The swap and locked caps
are rctls in the kernel so these are hard
limits.  The physical limit is a soft cap
enforced by rcapd running in the global zone.
This is why you are seeing different behavior
when you talk to the underlying subsystems
directly vs. using zonecfg.  When you use
zonecfg, zones manages all of these stuff
for you behind the scenes.


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