I have installed the latest OpenSolaris 2009.06 and tried to create a new zone. 
I have tried both installations on my local machine as well as launching a 
OpenSolaris 2009.06 instance on Amazon EC2. Both came up with something like 

ad...@computer:/zones# zoneadm -z testspeed install
A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
   Publisher: Using opensolaris.org (http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release/).
       Image: Preparing at /zones/testspeed/root.
Sanity Check: Looking for 'entire' incorporation.
ERROR: Unable to locate the incorporation 
'ent...@0.5.11,5.11-0.111:20090514T145840Z' in the preferred publisher 
Use -P to supply a publisher which contains this package.

Does anyone has any idea why? How can I resolve this problem? Thanks!

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