On Fri, Jun 05, 2009 at 09:39:12AM +0200, Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
> Le 5 juin 09 à 04:45, Edward Pilatowicz a écrit :
>>> The difference between Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris is that, on
>>> Solaris 10 by using the "create" would automatically inherit all the
>>> 4 directories mentioned above, and by using "create -b" would create
>>> a "whole-root" zone. On OpenSolaris, however, by using "create"
>>> (without the -b option) would be creating whole-root zones as it does
>>> not inherit any directories from the global zones. It would be nice
>>> also if you could explain what is the rationale behind this
>>> difference. Thanks!
>> the reason for the difference is that SRV4 packaging is very different
>> from ipkg.  Solaris 10 is based of SRV4 packaging and opensolaris is
>> based off of ipkg.  ipkg will enable us to do lots of things we
>> couldn't
>> with SRV4 packaging.  one of the things we will be able to do is have
>> different contents installed in the global zone and non-global zones.
>> hence inherit-pkg-dir doesn't make a whole lot of sense in this
>> context.
> ipkg seems to be a great advanced techno.
> Anyway, it's incredible to remove the inherit-pkg facility.

no one removed inherit-pkg-dir.  inherit-pkg-dir is closely tied to svr4
packaging, and it still works for systems that use svr4 packaging.

but opensoalris uses ipkg, and ipkg replaces svr4.  so if we want
inherit-pkg-dir support we'd need to re-implement it for ipkg.  that is
work that hasn't been done yet.

> inherit-pkg-dir has a lot of sense in many users context !

yes, we (the zones development team, of which i am a member) are well
aware of that.

> I really can't understand how somebody could have validated this : "hey
> ipkg great thing, sparse-zone bad thing...let's remove this".

that never happened.

> Where is the team who create the zone concept here ?

you're talking to them on this forum.

> Where is the thread I missed where this great feature suppression was
> discussed ?  Is there only developpers on board ?

calm down.
take a deep breath.
there is no "feature suppression" going on.

ipkg is changing a lot of things.  ipkg zones currently don't support
all the functionality that svr4 zones do.  there's still a lot of work
here to be done.

wrt inherit-pkg-dir, we (the zones team) are aware that it provides
certain indirect features that users like.  for example:
- keeping zone software contents in sync with the global zone
- read only filesystem (an artifact of using lofi)
- etc.

as we work on improving the ipkg brand we will be looking at these types
of features (previously provided by the inherit-pkg-dir option) and
evaluating how they should best be implemented in the ipkg brand.
(either via the inherit-pkg-dir option as everyone currently knows it,
or perhaps via multiple new options that can be used to replace the old

if you'd like to participate in this development process then you've
come to the right place.

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