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McEachern<derekmceach...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In doing some testing we came across some unexpected behaviour (at least
> unexpected to me) of the df -Z command when run in the global zone.
> If a non-global zone has an nfs fs mounted df -Z dumps all kinds of statvfs
> errors because as best I can tell he can't actually see the fs.  It's in the
> gz's /etc/mntab but it can't be accessed from the gz.
> df -Z
> df: cannot statvfs /zone/zone/root/servers: Not owner
> This seems like a bug to me, shouldn't df ignore ngz nfs mounts?

That's why df does ignore nfs mounts by default and you have the -Z option to
force it to go look. I've not yet come across a case where df -Z has
told me anything
useful - what problem are you trying to solve by running df -Z?

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