It was actually another problem we were trying to solve and happened to
notice the df behaviour while debugging.

We had a script in the gz that wanted to mount the nfs share. It did a
simple check to see if it was already mounted by parsing mount output which
showed the ngz mount. The script in the gz tried to access the mount that
was in the ngz which faild, at which point the script decided to umount the
share since it couldn't get to it.

The umount was successful, which is expected, but the poor people in the ngz
just saw there mount disappear. Woops.

df doesn't really ignore nfs mounts since it reports the data correctly if
you don't use the -Z option and if you run it in the ngz. The -Z option
works correctly for other fs types in the ngz just not nfs.

I would have expected df -Z to just not report on nfs fs's in the ngs
instead of throwing the cryptic "Not Owner" error.

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Peter Tribble <>wrote:

> That's why df does ignore nfs mounts by default and you have the -Z option
> to
> force it to go look. I've not yet come across a case where df -Z has
> told me anything
> useful - what problem are you trying to solve by running df -Z?
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