Ok, I read through everything that was posted again and it all makes sense now. 
Sorry for being obnoxious, but obviously a lot of us sparse root zone users are 
a little confused by how things work now in Indiana / Solaris 11.... I don't 
get why we can't somehow just use ZFS cloning and beadm and all that other 
wonderful Sun magic to have sparse root zones that only keep track of the 
differences (like how beadm only tracks the differences between boot 
environments). Whatever it is you who write the source code are planning to do, 
you should go out and announce your intentions somewhere out in plain public 
view (like on the front page of opensolaris.org) because all the FUD (fear 
uncertainty doubt) surrounding the whole thing just plays into the hands of IBM 
and Microsoft. Here's an example:

I can just see the local trenchcoat wearing IBM sales droids calling us all up 
tomorrow on the phone or jumping out at one of us in a dark alley or driving up 
next to you at a red light in their rusting Ford Pinto or Chevrolet automobiles 
with tinted windows: 

"Pssst.... Hey kid, come over here.... I got something for ya.... word on the 
street is that Solaris 11 doesn't have any sparse root zones anymore.... well 
right... sparse root WPAR's.... now with this revolutionary new idea from Big 
Blue that no one had ever thought of before (until IBM invented it) IT managers 
can now keep the number of AIX operating system instances to a minimum while 
still allowing businesses to consolidate multiple application workloads onto 
one server. And did I mention that sparse root WPAR's improve security as well? 
This revolutionary NEW TECHNOLOGY is all happening right now, and it's only 
available from IBM and ONLY runs on IBM Power.... and because I like you, I'm 
going to cut you in on a special deal where you can trade in all of your old 
Sun servers to IBM.... that's right give us all your old Sun servers.... or 
even better.... give us any machine that has Solaris or Op
 enSolaris on it (even if it's from Dell or HP) and for every Sun box you give 
us, we'll give you a massive discount on your first shipment of IBM power 
servers running sparse root WPARs on AIX 7.... you know you want those sparse 
root WPAR's.... one hit of this stuff and you'll be addicted for the rest of 
your life and you'll never be able to quit... that's right... you know you want 
to try it.... IBM is going to take good care of you.... FOREVER!!!!

and then after the IBM sales droid disappears in a cloud of demonic smoke, I'll 
have to listen to the boring HP-UX guy talk about his vPARs and nPars and then 
the dumpy Linux penguin talks about why we should all switch to sparse root 
virtuozo containers (ugggghhhh) and the worst of all are the zombie like 
Microsoft "Project Mojave" brainwash victims arguing that we should all switch 
to sparse root Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization.

Anyway, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now that I don't have my sparse 
root zones anymore. :-( 

The one thing that would really cheer me up though is if we had a way to 
instantly install IPS packages from the global zone to the ipkg zone without 
using a package repository... i.e. you type in something like "pkg install -z 
SUNWerlang" in the ipkg zone and the ipkg zone gets an instantaneous ZFS clone 
of the entire SUNWerlang package from the global zone where I had already 
installed it earlier.... i.e. with ZFS it moves all 300 megabytes of data over 
from one zone to the other in less than a second as oppose to the usual "pkg 
install SUNWerlang" where I have to go get a cup of coffee, grab a bite to eat, 
and watch a movie while it's making it's plan and downloading. If ZFS cloning 
doesn't work, you could just have the global zone be an IPS repository and have 
the ipkg zones be connected to it via 10 gigabit ethernet from Project Crossbow.

If you guys did do something like that, you would definitely have an unfair 
advantage over all the other virtualization technologies that are out there 
today. It would truly be GAME OVER.... all your zones are belong to us. 

Competing products can't copy a feature like that without copying the 
underlying file system and that's a basically impossible thing to do for 
Microsoft Windows and Linux and even if they tried, they would always be 10 
steps behind Sun anyway...
game, set, and match!
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