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I read somewhere which says """FSS can be assigned to processor sets, resulting in more sensitive control of priorities on a server than raw processor sets"" can any one tell me how we can assign FSS to processor set and how it works ?
Thanx .

If you create manual resource pools, you can also assign shares to the zones assigned to the pool so they can 'share' the CPUs in the pool.

So if you create a resource pool P with N CPUs, and you assign zones a, b, and c to pool P, with shares of 100, 200, and 300, respectively, when all N CPUs are utilized by the zones, the scheduler with give zone a 100/600*N, zone b 200/600*N, and zone c 300/600*N of the resources (barring other constraints such as blocking on I/O).

This does not work if you use the dedicated-cpu directive, as it create a resource pool for the zone, and there is one-to-one relationship between the pool and the zone.

Within a zone you can also use FSS for projects.

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