I've just upgraded my 2008.11 system but the only way I could get it to upgrade 
was by detaching all my zones or beadm refused to create a new BE.

Now that I'm in 2009.06, I used zoneadm -z web attach -F and I can see the zone 
claims to be installed when using zoneadm list -cv:

  ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP    
   0 global           running    /                              native   shared
   - web              installed  /space/zones/web               ipkg     shared

 but when I try to start it I get:

zoneadm: zone 'web': call to zoneadmd failed

everytime.  Have I messed things up by using -F instead of -u when trying to 
re-attach the zones, or is it stuffed because it was detached during the 
upgrade process and is therefore still 2008.11 internally ?

I've Googled myself in circles so pointers would be very helpful right now 
(including any way of getting more helpful error messages).  I can still see 
the zone data so I suppose the last resort is to create a new zone now and 
manually copy the config over, but I have half a dozen or so and it'd get 
rather tedious.

Thanks in advance,
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