Ian wrote:

I've just upgraded my 2008.11 system but the only way I could get it to upgrade 
was by detaching all my zones or beadm refused to create a new BE.

Now that I'm in 2009.06, I used zoneadm -z web attach -F and I can see the zone 
claims to be installed when using zoneadm list -cv:

ID NAME STATUS PATH BRAND IP 0 global running / native shared
   - web              installed  /space/zones/web               ipkg     shared

 but when I try to start it I get:

zoneadm: zone 'web': call to zoneadmd failed

everytime.  Have I messed things up by using -F instead of -u when trying to 
re-attach the zones, or is it stuffed because it was detached during the 
upgrade process and is therefore still 2008.11 internally ?

I've Googled myself in circles so pointers would be very helpful right now 
(including any way of getting more helpful error messages).  I can still see 
the zone data so I suppose the last resort is to create a new zone now and 
manually copy the config over, but I have half a dozen or so and it'd get 
rather tedious.

I'm not sure why you had to first detach your zones.
There was a bug in beadm on that but I thought it was
fixed.  The attach -F does nothing except change the state
of the zone to be installed.  You are in the state right
now where you zones are out of sync with the global
zone.  This happens because pkg image-update does not
yet update all of the zones when you update the global
zone.  We' working on that for the next release.  You
should be able to just detach the zones and then attach -u
them again which will do the update of the zone automatically.

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