Thank you guys for your answers! Regarding this networking problem, I think I don't have 
time to investigate into it and I have decided to deploy on Solaris 10 instead.  The 
changes in OpenSolaris is too overwhelming and even Sun cannot catch up with the 
documentation (for example, sparse zones is no supported in OpenSolaris but the 
OpenSolaris documentation advises using the "inherit-pkg-dir"). I'd prefer to 
wait for OpenSolaris features to be incorporated into the next version of Solaris 11.

With respect to the issue you noted, it's not clear with the details
you provided whether you will see a difference with Solaris 10.  You
need to provide more details of what you're trying to do.  For example
if you have only one physical interface, then creating an exclusive-IP
zone is impossible without using OpenSolaris and its virtual NIC (VNIC)

Yes, at this time sparse-root zones are not supported in OpenSolaris
however there is work underway on how best to support them in the
future or perhaps better stated, how best to support the attributes of
sparse-root zones that make them useful.  The OpenSolaris documentatin
advises about using inherit-pkg-dir because it reflects the older model
but that doesn't mean the whole-root model isn't supported either.
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