write the zonecfg commands that you would enter interactively  into a file and use zonecfg 
-f <yourfile> -z <yourzone>  - you don't need expect or something similar for 
this to work

You can also use that syntax to change the configuration of an existing zone
(see http://bnsmb.de/solaris/create_zone.html for an example)



Patrick J. McEvoy wrote:

I am trying to configure zones by running a series of
commands because I want to script setting up zones.
The man page for zonecfg only shows interactive examples,
and the PDF documentation suggests exporting a config,
then editing it, then using zonecfg -f. I don't want to
write expect scripts or edit files -- I just want to
run some commands to create and modify zones.

For the global scope, this works:

    zonecfg -z zfoo set zonepath=/zonefs/zfoo

But for other scopes I can't find an invocation that works.
For example, if I would do this interactively:

        zonecfg:zfoo> add net
        zonecfg:zfoo:net> set physical=foonic0
        zonecfg:zfoo:net> end

how would I do it non-interactively? I can't find any
invocation of zonecfg that lets me both specify scope
and set a property. This works, but is dorky:

        printf "add net\nset physical=foonic0\nend\n" | zonecfg -z zfoo

So...is there any good general way to configure zones
by running a command or series of commands?

Thanks for any help,

Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

M s temprano que tarde el mundo cambiar .
                       Fidel Castro

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