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Subject: [ogb-discuss] Crossbow Community Group Proposal
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:51:46 -0600
From: Nicolas Droux <>

Dear OGB Members,

I am pleased to propose the creation of a new Crossbow Community Group.
The full proposal is available at
and is also attached below for your convenience.



The following is a proposal for the creation of an OpenSolaris
Crossbow community group that focuses on the area of network


Crossbow has been an OpenSolaris project since in inception in 2006.
Project Crossbow re-architected the OpenSolaris networking stack to
provide built-in NIC and network virtualization, improved scalability
on multi-core, multi-threaded platforms, and a new way to do QoS.

Project Crossbow was integrated in OpenSolaris (ONNV build 105)
in December 2008, and is currently endorsed by several communities
(Networking, Device Drivers, HPC Developer, Logical Domains,
OS/Net (ON), Performance, Xen)

The home of Project Crossbow is currently at the following location:


Since its integration into OpenSolaris, several follow-on projects
under the umbrella of Project Crossbow and based on the technology
it introduced have been created, or will soon be created.
Crossbow has thus evolved from an OpenSolaris project into a community
of projects and users.

We hereby propose the creation of an OpenSolaris Crossbow community
group to represent that evolution. If this proposal is approved, the
existing Crossbow project will be superseded by the Crossbow
community group.

The area of network virtualization is unique and different from
general virtualization and networking and will exist for a long
time. As such, creating a Crossbow community focused in this area
will allow OpenSolaris to showcase its leadership in network

Focus and Goals

This new community will foster the development of projects based on,
and extending the technology introduced by the Crossbow project.
Several such projects are already under way, and it is expected
that the majority of projects will initially fall into one of the
following broad categories:

- Core OS components: core kernel and administration infrastructure.
  These projects will focus on providing new features, improved
  performance, and so on, to the core OpenSolaris OS. Some of these
  projects include:

  . NUMA awareness and thread placement
  . Leveraging hardware layer-3 and layer-4 classification
  . Bandwidth Guarantees
  . Dynamic resource assignment based on usage
  . Inter-VNIC communication fastpath
  . Real-time priorities for VNICs and flows
  . Finer-grain hardware resource assignment

- Analytics, observability, and management: provide tools and
  infrastructure needed to facilitate and improve the management
  and observability of Crossbow components, and to enable
  OpenSolaris as a platform for network consolidation,
  for example:

  . dlstat(1M) and flowstat(1) for fine grained runtime statistics
  . Management shell similar to those used in routers and switches
  . VirtualWire (vWire) tools
  . Virtual Network Machines as pre-canned zones

- Integration with other virtualization technologies: enhance the
  integration of Crossbow with OpenSolaris virtualization
  technologies such as zones, xVM, and LDOMs. Projects in this
  area include:

  . VNIC configuration from zonecfg(1M)
  . VLAN and bandwidth management from xVM configuration tools
  . Enable the configuration of bandwidth control for LDOM guests

- APIs: provide a collection of APIs at various levels of the stack
  to enable ISVs to be successful on OpenSolaris using
  Crossbow. Efforts in this area include:

  . Publish stable GLDv3 driver APIs
  . Publish MAC client APIs
  . Management libraries (libdladm and libflowadm)
  . Kernel- and user-level flow APIs
  . Socket options for bandwidth control

Initial Core Contributors

Sunay Tripathi
Nicolas Droux
Kais Belgaied
Markus Flierl


Nicolas Droux

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