Hi ed,

> hm.  detach is failing because attach never marked
> any zone dataset as
> active.  could you file a bug against detach to make
> it more robust in
> the face of failiures?

> to work around this problem you might just want to
> edit /etc/zones/index
> and change the zone state to "uninstalled".  (this
> will essentially undo
> the "attach -F" you did earlier.)  then you can do an
> attach -u to
> properly attach the zone.
Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to fix things.  If I change the 'installed' to 
'uninstalled' then I get:

# zoneadm -z web detach
zoneadm: web: could not get state: No such zone configured

Is there any other information I can offer to help get around this ?

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