On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 01:50:16PM -0700, Ian wrote:
> > once you've changed the state to uninstalled, you
> > don't need to do a
> > detach.  just do:
> >     zoneadm -z <zone> attach -u -d <zbe_dataset>
> >
> Unfortunately, it doesn't like that either:
> # zoneadm -z web attach -u -d /space/zones/web/ROOT/zbe
> zoneadm: web: could not get state: No such zone configured

this error seems to indicate that the zone state in /etc/zones/index is
invalid.  (normally people shouldn't edit this file for exactly this
reason.  ;)  what are the contents of this file?

> I tried a selection of paths and ZFS pool names, just in case.  Same result.

you need to specify a zfs dataset name, not a filesystem path.  on my
laptop i would specifly something like:
        -d rpool/export/zones/z2/ROOT/zbe

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