Thanks for reviewing this.

Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
- you might want to add the crypto libraries to the list of libraries
  to watch for breakage.  ;)

Yep. :-)  I'm also going to try to see if any of the other default devices
that are inside of a zone might have had their ioctl params changes
in any way.

- to improve the readability of crypto_ioctl(), could you make a
  dedicated function or macro that just does translation between
  the s10 and nevada versions of crypto_get_function_list_t?

Will do.

- when you make the ioctl call, i see you can do a CT_TSET.  in
  this scenario you only initialize native_param.fl_provider_id,
  and the rest of native_param is garbage.  is that ok or should
  the rest of native_param be zeroed out?

For CT_TSET that goes through the new ctfs_ioctl() function,
not this new code for /dev/crypto.  That function is the original
code Jordan did which I just moved out into its own function
for readability.

Thanks again,
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