Edward Pilatowicz writes:
> http://cr.opensolaris.org/~edp/onnv-headers1/
> 6851400 SUNWzoneint files should be moved to SUNWzoneu
> i'm eliminating the SUNWzoneint package because there really is no good
> reason not to ship these header files and lint libraries.

They weren't shipped because the libraries are Consolidation Private.
Per the library best practices document:


W3 says that we shouldn't (at least) ship compilation symlinks for
private libraries.

Because they are contracted for use outside of ON, they were put into
SUNWzoneint for build machines.  I agree that it's annoying at best,
but it is part of the current "best practices."

>  they are
> already needed for building the caiman gate, and i want to use them for
> functionality in the ips gate as well.

So ... are these libraries now some form of Public interface?  Or will
IPS and Caiman have contracts, and is this just an exception to the
usual rules?

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