On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 08:23:43AM -0400, James Carlson wrote:
> Edward Pilatowicz writes:
> > http://cr.opensolaris.org/~edp/onnv-headers1/
> > 6851400 SUNWzoneint files should be moved to SUNWzoneu
> >
> > i'm eliminating the SUNWzoneint package because there really is no good
> > reason not to ship these header files and lint libraries.
> They weren't shipped because the libraries are Consolidation Private.
> Per the library best practices document:
>   http://sac.sfbay/cgi-bin/bp.cgi?NAME=Libraries.bp
> W3 says that we shouldn't (at least) ship compilation symlinks for
> private libraries.

sure, it says that.  and then the first NOTE says you can ship them to
simplify compilation.  i thought about removing these links, but then i
looked at libzfs and libdtrace as my examples and those seem to have the
"convience" compilation links as well.

that said, personally i don't really care if they are present or not as
long as things continue to compile.  if you'd like i could try removing
them and seeing how builds go.

> Because they are contracted for use outside of ON, they were put into
> SUNWzoneint for build machines.  I agree that it's annoying at best,
> but it is part of the current "best practices."

i know why they weren't shipped.  but we already ship lots of libraries
+ lint libraries + headers files for stuff that only contains private
interfaces.  also, W3 does have plenty of NOTEs which document cases
where shipping these things is appropriate.  i believe that in this case
shipping this stuff is appropriate.

> >  they are
> > already needed for building the caiman gate, and i want to use them for
> > functionality in the ips gate as well.
> So ... are these libraries now some form of Public interface?  Or will
> IPS and Caiman have contracts, and is this just an exception to the
> usual rules?

IPS is a development project that is targeting the ON gate, but due to
artifacts of the current development process, it is not currently based
on the ON gate.  hence i don't think that IPS needs a contract to access
ON Consolidation Private interfaces.

i don't know where Caiman plans to integrate.  i would guess ON (since
the install gate is going away), but perhaps due to nostalgia we'll get
a new install gate?  ;)

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