Edward Pilatowicz writes:
> > W3 says that we shouldn't (at least) ship compilation symlinks for
> > private libraries.
> >
> sure, it says that.  and then the first NOTE says you can ship them to
> simplify compilation.  i thought about removing these links, but then i
> looked at libzfs and libdtrace as my examples and those seem to have the
> "convience" compilation links as well.

Not sure if you need usr/src/tools/abi/etc/exceptions entries in that
case.  Do you?

> IPS is a development project that is targeting the ON gate, but due to
> artifacts of the current development process, it is not currently based
> on the ON gate.  hence i don't think that IPS needs a contract to access
> ON Consolidation Private interfaces.


> i don't know where Caiman plans to integrate.  i would guess ON (since
> the install gate is going away), but perhaps due to nostalgia we'll get
> a new install gate?  ;)


In that case, my comments are just:

  - The CR is stuck in Dispatched ("nobody cares") state.  It needs to
    be at least "Fix Understood" with an Evaluation included.

  - The ABI exceptions entry isn't present ... but I have no idea what
    state the ABI tools are actually in.

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