Hi all,

IHAC who is trying to run one of their applications in a Solaris 8
branded zone.  The global OS is Solaris 10 5/09 and we're using
Solaris 8 containers version 1.0.1, on a Sun Fire 280R server with
a 750 MHz CPU and 6 GB of RAM.

Although apparently quite tempremental, their app runs acceptably
when run on Solaris 8 natively (i.e., S8 on bare metal rather than
in a branded zone), but crashes very frequently when run in the
branded container.  Of course, the applicatiopn source code is
unavailable...  :-(

The application, called Vantive, talks to an Oracle 8.1.6 database,
and is written in Java.  The Vantive app ships with version 1.2.2
of the Java runtime, and we've tried version 1.5.

Annoyingly, when we try trussing the errant process, it doesn't crash!
When a crash does happen, a core dump usually occurs, but hasn't been
too helpful.  The crashes do seem to be happening from within the JVM,
if the ::stack output from mdb is to be believed.

Does this ring any bells?  Is there anything we can do to help debug this?
Note that the branded zone seems to work just fine apart from this one
(rather major) issue.

Any thoughts greatfully received!


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