On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 02:52:17PM -0400, James Carlson wrote:
> Edward Pilatowicz writes:
> > > W3 says that we shouldn't (at least) ship compilation symlinks for
> > > private libraries.
> > >
> >
> > sure, it says that.  and then the first NOTE says you can ship them to
> > simplify compilation.  i thought about removing these links, but then i
> > looked at libzfs and libdtrace as my examples and those seem to have the
> > "convience" compilation links as well.
> Not sure if you need usr/src/tools/abi/etc/exceptions entries in that
> case.  Do you?

a fine question.  as best as i can tell, no.  the previously mentioned
example libraries (dtrace and zfs) don't have entries here.  Also, i've
done a full nightly on both sparc and x86 with the -A flag enabled
(which runs intf_check, which seems to be the only consumer of the file
above) and that hasn't generated any errors.  then just to be extra sure
i did a full sparc/x86 nightly without my changes and compared the
output from intf_check to make sure it isn't changing.

> > IPS is a development project that is targeting the ON gate, but due to
> > artifacts of the current development process, it is not currently based
> > on the ON gate.  hence i don't think that IPS needs a contract to access
> > ON Consolidation Private interfaces.
> OK.
> > i don't know where Caiman plans to integrate.  i would guess ON (since
> > the install gate is going away), but perhaps due to nostalgia we'll get
> > a new install gate?  ;)
> ;-}
> In that case, my comments are just:
>   - The CR is stuck in Dispatched ("nobody cares") state.  It needs to
>     be at least "Fix Understood" with an Evaluation included.

i'll update this.

>   - The ABI exceptions entry isn't present ... but I have no idea what
>     state the ABI tools are actually in.

hm.  looking further at the exceptions file, i don't think it's looking
for links to libraries with only private interfaces.  it seems to be
more concerned with detecting interface versioning errors introduced by
changes in scope or version number of exisiting interfaces.

i don't really thing there's anything that needs to be done here for my

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