James Carlson wrote:
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Steve Lawrence wrote:

I think each zone's automounter is smart enough to use lofs instead of nfs for
mounts from a non-global to a global zone.

Please explain how this is possible. How can the automounter convert an nfs specification of a global zone pathname into a pathname which can be expressed using the non-global zone's lofs semantics?

It'd have to be a helper out in the global zone that sets up the correct lofs mount.


You may remember that during the early days of the Trusted Extensions project I tried to get the global zone automounter to act as such a helper process. This was before the automounter used doors, and I couldn't get the TLI code to work across zones reliably. There were synchronization issues since the global zone automounter wasn't aware of individual zone states.

Maybe a better helper program might be the zoneadmd process that is associated with each zone.


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