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William Roche wrote:
Now about the automounter, I share Nico's point of view, but as far as
know nothing like that already exist, and No, the automounter or a
request isn't 'clever' enough (or customized enough) yet to handle NFS
data shared by the global zone and translate the mount request into an
LOFS mount. So be careful with NFS share from the global zone when you
have local zones on the same machine.

The global zone could be the one running automount. Since it knows what host is "local", it'll convert the nfs mounts to lofs automagically.

For each zone, add the zone's automount entries to global:/etc/auto_master as
/zonepath/root/home +auto_home vers=3,nosuid (for example)

Excellent !

This should be added to the FAQ !
As already said by others, it's not perfect, as it should be set up in the global zone, but it's really better, better, better, better than the current answer.
Doesn't work.

My personal question now is : why didn't I find it by myself !  :-)

Because it doesn't work. See:

  1403     /*
  1404      * Cross-zone mount triggering is disallowed.
  1405      */
  1406     if (fnip->fi_zoneid != getzoneid())
  1407         return (EPERM);    /* Not owner of mount */


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