Roman V Shaposhnik wrote:
On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 12:58 -0700, Glenn Faden wrote:
This should be added to the FAQ !
As already said by others, it's not perfect, as it should be set up in the global zone, but it's really better, better, better, better than the current answer.
Doesn't work.

That's what I thought too. The question though is -- why not *let*
it work under explicit permission? Again, I understand the use case
why it shouldn't work. But why there's no acknoledgement of a usability
of a case where it makes sense.

Doesn't a glance at this thread provide enough of a conviction that
asking a global zone to route *all* FS related traffic is a useful
thing to do?
My personal question now is : why didn't I find it by myself !  :-)
Because it doesn't work. See:

   1403     /*
   1404      * Cross-zone mount triggering is disallowed.
   1405      */
   1406     if (fnip->fi_zoneid != getzoneid())
   1407         return (EPERM);    /* Not owner of mount */

This place is easy to fix if you ask me. The real question is what kind
of long lasting impact would allowing such a thing have. And this is a conversation I'm very interested in having.

If this were easy it would have fixed already. I think the following is what we really need:

1. Allow non-global zones to be NFS servers

2. Allow automounting between zones

I had also tried (and failed) to implement a new kind of automap similar to the existing entry

   /net   -hosts

but using zone names instead of hostnames:
/zone -zones

I implemented this for Trusted Extensions in 2005 but couldn't fix the zone and automounter deadlocks, so it never go putback to OpenSolaris.

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