Brian Leonard wrote:
I've been struggling to use the sysidcfg file to preconfigure my zones in 
2009.06. I've read a couple of other posts where folks have also struggled 
(, Before filing an 
issue I wanted to run it by this alias to see if I'm missing something. Here 
are the steps I'm using:

cat myzone.config create -b
set zonepath=/zones/myzone
set brand=ipkg
set autoboot=false
set ip-type=shared
add net
set address=
set physical=e1000g0

pfexec zonecfg -z myzone < myzone.config

pfexec zoneadm -z myzone install

At this point, there is no etc directory, so I create one:

pfexec mkdir /zones/myzone/root/etc

And create the following sysidcfg file:

bleon...@opensolaris:/zones/myzone/root/etc# cat sysidcfg system_locale=C
network_interface=PRIMARY {hostname=myzone}

Log into the zone:

pfexec zlogin -C myzone

And then boot it:

pfexec zoneadm -z myzone boot

However, I'm still presented with the interactive sysidcfg. I checked the 
sysidconfig.log, but there's not much information to go on:

r...@myzone:/var/log# tail sysidconfig.log Added entry /lib/svc/method/sshd at Tue Jul 07 13:23:30 2009
Executing Configuration Applications at: Tue Jul 07 10:32:32 2009
Executing config app: /lib/svc/method/sshd
Completed Executing Configuration Applications at: Tue Jul 07 10:32:35 2009

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

You are doing something wrong.  This is a FAQ:

Readying the zone is the proper way to workaround this for now.

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