Hello World,

I started to think about a centralized zone management utility / system. I know 
exactly one tool that does this, which is proprietary, expensive, complicated 
and has too much half baked features.  xVM ops center doesn't do what I need 
either and is closed source too. 

It's time to scratch an itch.

To further illustrate what I'm thinking about here some use cases:

crud (create, read, update, delete) on zone configurations
state changes of zones (boot, halt, restart, ...)
migrate a zone from one host to another to build ha / desaster tolerant 

administration of the underlying storage of a zone (san luns, isci, nfs, zfs, - 
you get the idea) is propably the toughest part, I guess keeping this out of 
scope in the first phase is a good idea ;)

I'm eager to hear what you the opensolaris zone community thinks about such a 
tool, who would like to help me do a little initial design work in the 
inception phase.

Thanks for your time and input. Regards Robert
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