After reading only a little about zones.. I doubt I really get the
expected usage one might put a zone to.

My case is very homespun.... just a home lan with at most... 6

1 vista(laptop) 3 winXP 1 linux 1 Opensolaris (2009.6 still using b111)

I've been mainly a linux user until recently but use 3 winXP machines
for video and photography processing since I work largely with all Adobe
tools. I'm more experienced with admin type chores on linux..

I'm using the Opensol machine for most backup type jobs across the
lan.  Or in cases where the backup may originate on a windows machine
such as with `Retrospect', the opensol machine is the recipient only.

I wondered if there would be any advantage to creating a zone where
only the backup chores were handled, nothing else.

I can't be sure if that is even the kind of thing one would do with a
zone, but it seems kind of likely it would be handy to have an area
where nothing but backup chores were in order.

Another zone I've thought about would be for nameservice to my home
lan.  Maybe a mail server might be another zone usage.

I hoped to hear from a few experienced `zones' users about such a usage.

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