> the only thing that comes to mind for me right now is
> a possible 
> mis-match of the installation repository used and the
> repository when 
> the zone was created.

I could re-create the master -- i.e. that which I am cloning -- if you think 
that would make a difference. BTW, the master has never been booted -- I assume 
this makes no difference. This is the script I run to test cloning:


zoneadm -z zweb$Z halt
zoneadm -z zweb$Z uninstall -F
zonecfg -z zweb$Z delete -F

zonecfg -z zclone export | zonecfg -z zweb$Z -f -
zonecfg -z zweb$Z "set zonepath=/zonefs/zweb$Z"
zonecfg -z zweb$Z "add net; set physical=vphys1; end"
zonecfg -z zweb$Z "add net; set physical=vweb$Z; end"
zoneadm -z zweb$Z clone zclone
zoneadm -z zweb$Z ready
cp ./sysidcfg /zonefs/zweb$Z/root/etc/sysidcfg
touch /zonefs/zweb$Z/root/etc/hostname.vphys1
touch /zonefs/zweb$Z/root/etc/hostname.vweb1
#zoneadm -z zweb$Z halt

zoneadm -z zweb$Z boot
#zlogin -C zweb$Z
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