I know some of you guys are chuckling at my statements thinking "well, maybe 
his postfix and apache and BIND / named servers don't have a windowing 
environment, but Oracle needs X-windows". Well, actually it's possible to 
install Oracle without using X-windows on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (see link 


Using a trick like that to get rid of the RAM and CPU cycles wasted on 
unneccessary windowing environment related computation on OpenSolaris could get 
"world record" Oracle performance from Sun (to use the phrase Sun likes to use 
so much in their own marketing writeups). Not to mention that GNOME and 
Xwindows is like a swiss cheese of security holes and obscure code bugs that 
nobody I personnaly know understands, there's nothing good that can come from 
having it unless you are a desktop user trying to do desktop things (like play 
games, write code, watch movies) on your desktop computer (which I have tried 
to do on my OpenSolaris desktop with varying degrees of success since 
lifewithsolaris.jp went down).

Do you guys think that companies like Akamai and Google and Amazon waste 
unnecessary CPU cycles on their servers, and unnecessary disk space for a 
beautiful GNOME desktop environment that no one will ever see anyway because 
there's never a keyboard and monitor hooked up to the server? What if CISCO 
started forcing everyone to have a GNOME desktop and GNOME games on their 
routers and ASA / PIX firewalls? How do you think that would go down?

Companies like Google and Amazon used to be running Solaris as their main OS at 
a time way back in the 1990's when the Google search engine was called 
"Backrub" and ran on a SPARC server made out of LEGOS at Stanford. Linux 
eventually won out not because the underlying core technology was better than 
Solaris (it wasn't), but because it was cheap, had no IP strings attached, and 
it was easier to customize it by modifying the source code and stripping it 
down into an efficient server appliance that doesn't waste CPU cycles, disk 
space, and RAM on things like windowing environments that don't directly 
benefit it's ability to server up web pages to the end user.

Think how much money Sun would have if they had made this quality UNIX OS open 
source and easily customizable back then and kept Google and Amazon and 
everyone else who started out on Solaris in the 1990's as clients. All of you 
engineers on this mailing list would all be driving Ferraris and have your own 
Larry Ellison boats!

Why are all the top Super Computer clusters like Texas Ranger buying a big 
football stadium full of Sun Gear and then running CentOS Linux on it instead 
of OpenSolaris? Maybe they don't want GNOME games installed when they're trying 
to break the next world record?
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