Not using ps -efZ.  If you use ps -eo and select the fields you want to see
you can get the full zonename.

>From the ps(1) man page

     -Z                  Prints the name of the zone  with  which
                         the process is associated under an addi-
                         tional column  header,  ZONE.  The  ZONE
                         column width is limited to 8 characters.
                         Use ps -eZ for a quick way to see infor-
                         mation  about  every process now running
                         along with the associated zone name. Use
                           ps -eo zone,uid,pid,ppid,time,comm,...
                         to see zone names wider than  8  charac-

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Mike DeMarco <>wrote:

> >From the global zone I can do a ps -efZ to see which zone a process is
> running in but it only prints the first 8 characters of the zone name. This
> is a problem with our naming convention on zones as the last characters in
> the name are often the unique ones. Is it possible ot expand the name field
> to show more than 8 characters or is there some other command I can use to
> show what zone a pid is running in from the global?
> Thanks
> mike
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