Since a lot of people here said they weren't uber-skilled programmers. An easy 
and quick way to put a band aid on the wound might be to port a working UNFS3 
implementation to non-global zones:

You could create a compatibility layer for UNFS3 where the Solaris 8 or Solaris 
9 branded zone thinks that the unfs3 is a native Solaris NFS implementation and 
works with it without complaining. The advantage of this would be much greater 
security, resource management and fault isolation for the NFS server running 
inside the zones since this is a user-space NFS server and not an in-kernel NFS 
server. The disadvantage would be a very slight performance hit, but I'm 
guessing that the performance hit won't be that big of a deal, since the newest 
line of Sun servers are unbelievably fast and we're all going to be running 
Solaris on good quality Sun servers and not on cheap Dell hardware purchased at 
the 99 cents store, right?

I think it's fare to say that security and stability are more important than 
raw speed / NFS throughput for most of us. And a user-space NFS implementation 
running in a Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 branded zone inside Solaris 11 on the 
newest Sun hardware will probably still run faster than an in-kernel NFS 
implementation would have run natively on Solaris 8 on the best SPARC hardware 
that was available 10 years ago.
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