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The problem I am trying to solve is when a software scanner is run in a 
non-global zone, it needs to decide if a package was inherited from the global 
zone, and exclude it from the report. We don't want to report the same package 
in the zone because it was inherited from the global zone.

I have created a package, ABCDtestpkg, and installed it in the global zone and 
the non-global zone.

"pkgparam -v ABCDtestpkg" shows neither one of the followings was set:


So I'm not clear of why you want to report on essentially omit packages that either have
2 have part of their deliverable reside on an inherited directory.

1 is easy enough, but 2 is not doable from within the zone itself.

What is the purpose of this tool, is it to identify software that can be managed from within the zone?

I then removed ABCDtestpkg from the non-global zone, pkgrm indicated there is a 
dependency in global zone.
it is a pkgadd messaging bug, should have said the zone name instead of global zone.

[i]zone1 # pkgrm ABCDtestpkg

The following package is currently installed:
   ABCDtestpkg  ABCD test package
                (sparc) 1.0

Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q] y

## Removing installed package instance <ABCDtestpkg>
## Verifying package <ABCDtestpkg> dependencies in global zone
ok that is a bug in pkgadd, pkgrm in a non-global zone does not do dependency tests int he global zone at all.
So above is a typo, should really say
"Verifying package <ABCDtestpkg> dependencies in zone1"


How did pkgrm determine ABCDtestpkg has a dependency in the global zone? Are 
there any API/CLI to find out such info from non-global zone?

Solaris 10 5/08 is used.

Many thanks,

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