> so from within a non-global zone
> 1 if /var/sadm/pkg/<pkg-name>/pkginfo has
> SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES-true then 
> can only be managed from global,
> else if false then check that no entry in
> /var/sadm/install/contents for 
> this package lives on an inherited filesystem.

On GZ and NGZ, /var/sadm/pkg/ABCDtestpkg/pkginfo has no info regarding  

ABCDtestpkg lives in /opt, not on an inherited filesystem. I thought the NGZ 
does not know it's filesystem is inherited or not?!

> /var/sadm/install/contents is a flatfile maintained
> by patch/packaging 
> tools. grep for say SUNWcsr and you will see the
> structure, or man -s 4 contents.

The info about ABCDtestpkg in /var/sadm/install/contents is the same in GZ and 

> Still a bit unclear as to the use of this tool, by
> run in the global 
> and/or non0-global zone, you mean they can be managed
> ie patched/removed etc?

The tool is used to report packages that are installed on the GZ and NGZ, which 
will be run in GZ and NGZ. When a package "ABCDtestpkg" is installed in the GZ, 
and duplicated into all NGZ, the tool running on the NGZ must not report the 
duplicated version of ABCDtestpkg. This is to avoid multiple count of the same  
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