| On 2009-08-06 22:23:12, Alexander J. Maidak wrote:
| I have a number of systems running Solaris zones.  I'm looking for a
| tool that will do the following:
| 1) Capture/store the cpu utilization of the global zone and all
| non-global zones
| 2) Capture/store the memory utilization of the global zone and all
| non-global zones
| 3) Post the graphics to a website that can display both historical and
| realtime data.
| What tools have people used to do this?  I'm looking at Cacti, but it
| looks like I would be have to figure out a good programmatic way to
| generate (1) and (2) to feed into it.  
| Does anyone have anything to share on the commercial products on the
| market?

munin is free, works out of the box, and is trivial to set up. Just run
munin-node in each zone and configure the munin server to poll each zone. It
generates pretty graphs with zero effort on your part.

Alternatively, you could look at Hyperic, which is very Enterprisey.
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