Hi all,

In six short weeks (Sept. 14th) all content on opensolaris.org will be migrated to XWiki. To prepare your web pages for this migration, please check the first test migration here:


If you find any problems, please refer to the tips and tricks for preparing your source here:


Note: ALL content preparation work must take place on opensolaris.org.

We'll do several test migrations between now and Sept. 14th and I'll send out a reminder mail each week after hub has been updated from the snapshot on stage.opensolaris.org.

Send questions to website-disc...@opensolaris.org. File bugs in http://defect.opensolaris.org under Development | Website with 'site-xwiki' as the component.

We'll also host a public meeting this Thursday at 9am PT, using the following conference call numbers:

Thanks in advance for your help to make this migration a success!

Michelle Olson
OpenSolaris.org Content PM
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