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> I created an exclusive IP zone.  Now I want to configure it using sysidcfg
> and avoid the prompts at the initial login.
> I created the below sysidcfg file:
> timezone=US/Eastern
> system_locale=C
> terminal=xterms
> network_interface=vnic1 {dhcp protocol_ipv6=yes}
> root_password=abc123
> security_policy=none
> name_service=DNS
> nfs4_domain=dynamic
> I wanted to copy this file to the zone's etc directory, but there is no
> such directory at this time (I already installed and booted the zone).  I go
> to /export/zones/zone1/root  but the directory is empty.  There is nothing
> in there.  There is no .../zone1/etc either.  So, I created an etc directory
> under root directory, put my sysidcfg file, and logged into the zone.  I
> still got the initial configuration prompts.  Apparently, it didn't looked
> at the sysidcfg file.  What I am doing wrong?
> Thanks...
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