Jordan Vaughan wrote:
On 08/14/09 02:55 PM, v wrote:
I created an exclusive IP zone. Now I want to configure it using sysidcfg and avoid the prompts at the initial login.

I created the below sysidcfg file:

network_interface=vnic1 {dhcp protocol_ipv6=yes}
name_service=DNS nfs4_domain=dynamic

I wanted to copy this file to the zone's etc directory, but there is no such directory at this time (I already installed and booted the zone). I go to /export/zones/zone1/root but the directory is empty. There is nothing in there. There is no .../zone1/etc either. So, I created an etc directory under root directory, put my sysidcfg file, and logged into the zone. I still got the initial configuration prompts. Apparently, it didn't looked at the sysidcfg file. What I am doing wrong?


How can a zone's root directory be empty after the zone is installed and booted?
Starting in OpenSolaris 2009.06 the zone's root filesystem is unmounted when the zone is not active (being installed, ready, or booted). So if you try to place a sysidcfg file in the zone's /etc directory after the installation is completed, you will see that the directory doesn't exist. A workaround which we use in Trusted Extensions is to do something like this:

   # zoneadm -z public install
   # zoneadm -z public ready
   # cp sysidcfg /zone/public/root/etc/sysidcfg
   # zoneadm -z public boot

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