v wrote:
I don't think so... It looks like it works: 

I would validate with that blogger if that sysidcfg had actually
been validated.  If you look a little lower in the blog, the sysidcfg
file failed to get get consumed by sysidtool when that zone booted:

   Use is subject to license terms.
   Hostname: myzone
   Loading smf(5) service descriptions: 69/69
   Reading ZFS config: done.
   Mounting ZFS filesystems: (5/5)
    network_interface=myzone0 {
   myzone0 is not a valid network interface  line 3 position 19
   Creating new rsa public/private host key pair

Upon any syntax error, the entire sysidcfg file is thrown out, so
I don't see how the root_password would have even gotten processed
by sysidroot.

Anyway, for your case, why don't you just replace the encrypted
string with some other known good one.

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