Hi Will,

I just creating a NGZ for OpenSolaris.  If you installed from the OS
media then you'll need to do an update from the release repository to
the global before you can create an NGZ.

The brand type is "ipkg" if you use "native" for the brand the install
will try and use non-existent LU tools.  So if you copy an existing NGZ
configuration where there is no brand variable in the configuration it
will default to native.   If you use the zonecfg to create the NGZ from
scratch the brand type was automatically set for me.

You will need internet access to install the NGZ as the install uses the
repository to make sure it gets the appropriate versions of the

There is a procedure to create your own local repository with help from
a readme and a complete ISO image off the genunix site.  This is where I
found that the 2009.06 OS media was a different release than the ISO
image by 4 days.  Once I updated that global environment the install of
the NGZ was smooth.

The URL to the local repository configuration is.


The ISO image referenced is located at this URL.


Not sure if this answers your question but was what I needed to install
a NGZ in my environment.


On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 16:09, William A. Fiveash wrote:
> > Ok, 
> > so what release or brand do I use so that the zone
> > gets the packages from the global zone when
> > installing. Or is there another way to do so?
> > 
> > Thanks
> I have the same question (using OpenSolaris snv_111b).
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