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A customer is migrating five zones, from a Niagara system to a M5000, to test performance. The zones are in a ZFS pool, on SAN storage. They plan on moving this storage over to the M5000, and doing a straight import of the zones vs. making a copy of them and then importing them. If the M5000 doesn't perform better, they plan on migrating them back to the Niagara system.

I can see that sun4v-to-sun4u zones migrations is supported. However, in the "HOW to MOVE A SOLARIS CONTAINER" How-To guide, they show an example of using 'zfs send' and 'zfs receive' to make a copy of the zpools.

- Is it supported to just detach the zones and deport the zpool, on one host, and reimport on the other host, without making a separate copy of the zonepath zpool?
- How about a straight detach/attach back to the original environment.
- If it is supported, has anybody done it? I'm concerned with what might happen to the zone OS bits, if they do a straight import on the M5000, and then go back to the T5220, again.

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I don't have an answer directly, however, I would consider creating a snapshot and clone, and attaching the clone on the other system. then detaching and attaching again on the original system. You could then compare the original with the multi-attached, and look for binary differences. Logs and the like will be different.

I do doubt that testing is done in a back and forth manner. Most migrations are one way, or the idea is to have a master and clone from that using the detach/attach methodology.


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