On 09/04/09 11:21, Jim Nissen wrote:
A customer is migrating five zones, from a Niagara system to a M5000, to test performance. The zones are in a ZFS pool, on SAN storage. They plan on moving this storage over to the M5000, and doing a straight import of the zones vs. making a copy of them and then importing them. If the M5000 doesn't perform better, they plan on migrating them back to the Niagara system.

I can see that sun4v-to-sun4u zones migrations is supported. However, in the "HOW to MOVE A SOLARIS CONTAINER" How-To guide, they show an example of using 'zfs send' and 'zfs receive' to make a copy of the zpools.

- Is it supported to just detach the zones and deport the zpool, on one host, and reimport on the other host, without making a separate copy of the zonepath zpool?

I don't see why not (though I personally prefer zfs send/receive). I also agree with Steffen that doing a zone clone would be an easy way to ensure you keep an original untouched version of your zone since you will need to do an attach -u (below).

- How about a straight detach/attach back to the original environment.

Since you are going from sun4u to sun4v you have to use the attach -u (upgrade on attach) mechanism to bo back and forth.

- If it is supported, has anybody done it? I'm concerned with what might happen to the zone OS bits, if they do a straight import on the M5000, and then go back to the T5220, again.

Depending on how their common OS standard builds are kept in sync, and what meta package bundle they typically install on their boxes, there may be some sync/cleanup of patches/packages that need to be done to ensure both sides are in sync as reported by the zone attach output (since you indicate you want to allow the zones to move back and forth between systems, and there is no 'downgrade' on attach equiv).

Also note, that we ran into CR 6802870 that currently prevented our sun4u -> sun4v move with s10 11/08 and 5/06. The fix went into the u8 builds, but I don't see a current patch.


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