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Mike Gerdts wrote:
A non-global zone cannot be an NFS server (without a third-party
userland NFS server implementation). Also, NFS mounting a file system
in a non-global zone that is exported from that zone's global zone is
not supported.  It may seem to work, but there is a known deadlock
that can happen.

This known deadlock is documented as a UFS/NFS/VM issue. It's never been clearly stated that it applies when using ZFS and NFS. I've been exporting ZFS home directories from the global zone into my non- global zones for years. I've never experienced the deadlock, but my systems are single-user laptops, so that may not create enough contention.

        Another one bites (bytes ? :) ) the dust !

        I'm pretty sure we are lot here in the real world needing this.
User groups of all countries around the world, please help me shouting to Oracle we need to be able to mount ANY nfs share on a ng- zone.


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