What rev of 121430/121431 (SPARC/x86 ) is applied, there are a lot of fixes in later rev's ( 42 is latest ) for zones on zfs.

Could I see zfs list
zonecfg info on stargate.


Jesus Cea wrote:
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I am trying to do a live upgrade of a Solaris 10 U7 with zones, and I am
finding some errors. Any suggestion is welcomed.

I do a "lucreate" correctly. But when I try to do a "luactivate", I find

[r...@stargate-host /]# luactivate Solaris10u7-20090922_2
System has findroot enabled GRUB
Generating boot-sign, partition and slice information for PBE <Solaris10u7>
ERROR: unable to mount zones:
zoneadm: zone 'stargate': zone root
/datos/zones/stargate-Solaris10u7-20090922_2/root is reachable through
zoneadm: zone 'stargate': call to zoneadmd failed
ERROR: unable to mount zone <stargate> in </.alt.tmp.b-T5.mnt>
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by icf file </etc/lu/ICF.2>
ERROR: Unable to mount the boot environment <Solaris10u7-20090922_2>.

I see some of the filesystems mounted, so I try to unmount them:

[r...@stargate-host /]# luumount Solaris10u7-20090922_2
ERROR: No such file or directory: error unmounting
ERROR: umount: /.alt.tmp.b-T5.mnt/var/run busy
ERROR: cannot unmount </.alt.tmp.b-T5.mnt/var/run>
ERROR: failed to unmount </.alt.tmp.b-T5.mnt/var/run>
ERROR: cannot fully unmount boot environment - <1>: file systems remain

Reading the Solaris 10 documentation I can not see any relevant detail,
except that I created my zones under "datos/zones" (a ZFS dataset)
instead of a child of "datos/ROOT/Solaris10u7", as showed in every
example. I don't know if this is relevant or not. In any case, the zones
datasets are snapshotted&cloned correctly.

If that is the problem, I think I can do a "rename" of the dataset to
move it to the right place, and edit the config files "by hand" to
reflect the new location (/etc/zones). But first I need to know if this
is actually the issue. I think that having the zones under
"datos/zones", being an absolute path independent of the BE (Boot
Environment), could be the problem. Could you confirm it?.

This is a production machine, so I would like to solve this without
disturbing it too much (I can mess a bit with it if necessary).

Thanks for any help.

PS: If the zones datasets must be children of the current BE dataset,
that SHOULD be documented clearly in the manual!!!!!.

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