Hi Coudl I see debug from luactivate, I cannot see anything obvious in lucreate, but this time cut and paste to a text file and attach it, as it easier to work with after.

Jesus Cea wrote:
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I have a "warning" when creating the BE. Maybe it is a hint:

[r...@stargate-host /]# lucreate -n Solaris10u7-20090923
Checking GRUB menu...
System has findroot enabled GRUB
Analyzing system configuration.
Comparing source boot environment <Solaris10u7> file systems with the file
system(s) you specified for the new boot environment. Determining which
file systems should be in the new boot environment.
Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.
Updating system configuration files.
Creating configuration for boot environment <Solaris10u7-20090923>.
Source boot environment is <Solaris10u7>.
Creating boot environment <Solaris10u7-20090923>.
Cloning file systems from boot environment <Solaris10u7> to create boot
environment <Solaris10u7-20090923>.
Creating snapshot for <datos/ROOT/Solaris10u7> on
Creating clone for <datos/ROOT/solaris1...@solaris10u7-20090923> on
Setting canmount=noauto for </> in zone <global> on
Creating snapshot for <datos/ROOT/Solaris10u7/var> on
Creating clone for <datos/ROOT/Solaris10u7/v...@solaris10u7-20090923> on
Setting canmount=noauto for </var> in zone <global> on
Creating snapshot for <datos/zones/stargate> on
Creating clone for <datos/zones/starg...@solaris10u7-20090923> on
WARNING: split filesystem </> file system type <zfs> cannot inherit
mount point options <-> from parent filesystem </> file
type <-> because the two file systems have different types.
Saving existing file </boot/grub/menu.lst> in top level dataset for BE
<Solaris10u7-20090923> as <mount-point>//boot/grub/menu.lst.prev.
File </boot/grub/menu.lst> propagation successful
Copied GRUB menu from PBE to ABE
No entry for BE <Solaris10u7-20090923> in GRUB menu
Population of boot environment <Solaris10u7-20090923> successful.
Creation of boot environment <Solaris10u7-20090923> successful.

I don't understand the warning. Any pointer????

[r...@stargate-host /]# zfs get all datos/zones/stargate
NAME                  PROPERTY         VALUE                  SOURCE
datos/zones/stargate  type             filesystem             -
datos/zones/stargate  creation         Tue Jul 28  1:01 2009  -
datos/zones/stargate  used             12.4G                  -
datos/zones/stargate  available        618G                   -
datos/zones/stargate  referenced       606M                   -
datos/zones/stargate  compressratio    1.74x                  -
datos/zones/stargate  mounted          yes                    -
datos/zones/stargate  quota            none                   default
datos/zones/stargate  reservation      none                   default
datos/zones/stargate  recordsize       128K                   default
datos/zones/stargate  mountpoint       /datos/zones/stargate  inherited
from datos
datos/zones/stargate  sharenfs         off                    local
datos/zones/stargate  checksum         on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  compression      gzip-9                 inherited
from datos/zones
datos/zones/stargate  atime            on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  devices          on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  exec             on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  setuid           on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  readonly         off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  zoned            off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  snapdir          hidden                 default
datos/zones/stargate  aclmode          groupmask              default
datos/zones/stargate  aclinherit       restricted             default
datos/zones/stargate  canmount         on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  shareiscsi       off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  xattr            on                     default
datos/zones/stargate  copies           1                      default
datos/zones/stargate  version          3                      -
datos/zones/stargate  utf8only         off                    -
datos/zones/stargate  normalization    none                   -
datos/zones/stargate  casesensitivity  sensitive              -
datos/zones/stargate  vscan            off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  nbmand           off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  sharesmb         off                    default
datos/zones/stargate  refquota         none                   default
datos/zones/stargate  refreservation   none                   default
datos/zones/stargate  zpdata:zn        stargate               local
datos/zones/stargate  zpdata:rbe       Solaris10u7            local

Please, HELP!.

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