Trying to segregate an AutoInstall server onto a Zone with an exclusive IP set 
up on the onboard igb NIC of an x4270, but not having success.  Works fine on 
the global zone.

Running build 123, and have got past the issue of specifying the -s option to 
installadm create-service ... (I copied the target directory from the global 
zone into the non-global zone's dataset).  installadm fails to create the 
service, I think because multicast DNS isn't running in the non-global zone.

Any reason why multicast DNS wouldn't start in a non-global zone?

I've made sure to copy nsswitch.dns to nsswitch.conf, and have configured 
regular DNS and confirmed that it works by NAT'ing a separate VNIC across an 
etherstub to the global zone.

Trying to start mdsnd -debug isn't very helpful - it just start "Starting",  
then immediately "Stopping".  No clue what's missing there.

On a related topic, is there a reason you can't "snoop -d /dev/igb1" in the 
non-global zone, where igb1 is the NIC dedicated to the zone?

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