- zones updating question: I was running snv_111b when I created a
  master zone and installed redistributable.  I think used master to
  clone several other zones.  Later I created a new BE and updated that
  BE to snv_123 by doing:

  beadm mount opensolaris_123 /mnt
  pkg -R /mnt image-update
  When I booted the snv_123 BE I was able to boot the zones but I notice
  that the packages in the zone were still at snv_111 level.  What I see
  with zfs list -t snapshot,filesystem is:

rpool/zones/master                                           5.07M   655G    
22K  /zones/master
rpool/zones/master/ROOT                                      5.05M   655G    
19K  legacy
rpool/zones/master/ROOT/zbe                                    46K   655G  
6.39G  legacy
rpool/zones/master/ROOT/zbe-1                                4.98M   655G  
6.39G  legacy
rpool/zones/master/ROOT/zb...@zbe-1                              0      -  
6.39G  -

   My questions are:

   - Should the zones have been updated when I did the pkg -R /mnt
     image-update to BE opensolaris_123?

   - If not, how can I fix the zones so that when I boot them while
     running the opensolaris_123 BE they have 123 level packages and if
     I run in the opensolaris_111 BE the zones have 111 packages
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