Miles Benson wrote:
Hi Jerry,

Ok, that makes sense.  And I've checked and you're right, it's all in the 
non-global zone. My mistake and I'm glad I was wrong.

However, I think the thing which set me off on the wrong track in the first 
place was the zfs list output showing the available space.  Which quota is that 
data space coming out of?

The zone's filesystem has a 5G quota and the data filesystem has a 20G quota.

zfs list shows these as I'd expect but it shows /tank/zones having the full run 
of the 2.5T main pool.

I'd guess that it's in the 5G basic zone filesystem and that zfs list is just a 
bit confused?

I can't really answer this without seeing the quota's you have
set on each dataset.  However, the output you sent earlier,
which I've included here, seems to show the correct quotas
on the two datasets that are actually available inside the zone.
This matches up to what you've said above (20GB and 5GB).

r...@oberon:~# zfs list
NAME                                USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
tank                               93.8G  2.57T  53.6K  /tank
tank/zones                         1.12G  2.57T  41.1K  /tank/zones
tank/zones/pauldata                 390M  19.6G   390M  /tank/zones/pauldata
tank/zones/pauldata/svnrepository 105K 19.6G 105K /tank/zones/pauldata/svnrepository
tank/zones/paulzone                 404M  4.61G  37.5K  /tank/zones/paulzone
tank/zones/paulzone/ROOT            404M  4.61G  34.0K  legacy
tank/zones/paulzone/ROOT/zbe        404M  4.61G   701M  legacy

I'm unclear why the size of the datasets that aren't available
inside the zone is a concern, other than that you'd prefer those
to not be visible at all.  That's really not a zone's issue and
would be more appropriate to discuss over on the zfs alias.


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