Will Fiveash wrote:
On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 12:20:53PM -0600, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
 Will Fiveash wrote:
 This is in the FAQ.

I wish the info was more detailed/explicit.  How do I use zones
attach/detach to do an image-update on the zone exactly?
 # zoneadm -z myzone foo detach
 # zoneadm -z myzone foo attach -u

The man page for zoneadm does not describe the -u flag for attach.  It
is also unclear to me which zoneadm parameter foo represents.

Sorry, I mistyped the example.  It should have been:

# zoneadm -z myzone detach
# zoneadm -z myzone attach -u

The string "foo" should not have been in the example.
The -u flag is not in the zoneadm man page because it is
a brand specific option.  Not all brands support -u (e.g. lx
does not).  There is no man page for the ipkg brand yet but
you can read about this option on the native(5) man page.

Given I created and updated a BE by doing:

beadm create opensolaris_123
beadm mount opensolaris_123 /mnt
pkg -R /mnt image-update

and I have a non-local zone called master, can you provide the exact
commands I should have run in order for the master zone to be updated to
snv_123 when I boot the opensolaris_123 BE and still have be able to
access a master zone at snv_111 when I boot the opensolaris_111 BE?
Is this what I should have done:

beadm create opensolaris_123
beadm mount opensolaris_123 /mnt
zoneadm -z master detach
pkg -R /mnt image-update
zoneadm -z master attach -u

More like:

beadm create opensolaris_123
beadm mount opensolaris_123 /mnt
pkg -R /mnt image-update
zoneadm -R /mnt -z master detach
zoneadm -R /mnt -z master attach -u

Although I haven't tested that to see if the ipkg brand will
handle the zone update correctly on an alternate root.  If
not, thats a bug in the brand.  I do know that booting the
opensolaris_123 BE then detaching/attaching the zone will
properly update the zone.  We're still working on getting
IPS and zones to work properly together so that the zones
get updated when you image-update the global zone.

?  Do I need to recreate the opensolaris_123 BE and do the above in
order to get the master zone properly updated?

No, if you're running opensolaris_123, just detach the zone
then attach -u and the right thing should happen.  If the zone
is already up-to-date, then the zone will simply be attached.

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