Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
- also, since the s10 brand is derived from the sn1 brand, could you
please ensure that all the new s10 brand that are being created are
derived from the corresponding sn1 brand files?  ie, the s10 brand files
which are derived from sn1 brand files should be created via "hg cp ..."
instead of "cp ...; hg new ..." (this will preserve the sn1 brand
revision history when looking at s10 brand files.)

additionally, danek has an enhanced version of webrev where, if the s10
branded files are "hg cp"d from the sn1 files, we'll just see the deltas
against the sn1 files (instead of having all these files show up as new).

I've generated a new webrev using some improvements Ed made to
webrev.  This, combined with the use of 'hg copy', make the
webrev much smaller and easier to review.  I've uploaded
the new webrev to:


Please get me any comments by the end of the week so that we
have time to make the necessary changes and rerun the tests before
we integrate.

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