Speaking from experience, there are some big deployments of Solaris 9 on x86 
out there in the e-commerce and telco industries. But many have moved onto 
Solaris 10 thankfully. So I can understand the thinking here. But I'm sure 
there may be some good business cases where S8/9 branded zones on x86 would be 

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> As far as I've been able to find out so far, Solaris 8 and 9 branded
> zones are available and supported on Solaris 10 only right now, and only
> for SPARC.  Are there any plans to provide them for x86 and Nevada, too?

There wasn't much Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 deployed on x86, so, to the
best of my knowledge, there will not be a Solaris 8 Containers or
Solaris 9 Containers for x86.

As for Nevada - do you also mean x86?

> There are two reasons I'm asking: I'd like to test current versions of
> GCC on older Solaris releases without having to run on bare metal.  Of
> course I could use VirtualBox or xVM on x86, but the performance won't
> be too good (I tested a GCC bootstrap on xVM dom0 quite some time ago
> and it took about twice as long as on bare metal).  And on SPARC, I
> don't have a spare Ldom available to run Solaris 10, but would rather
> use a zone on a V880 running Nevada.
> Especially given the fact that Sun wants to get Solaris 10 users on bare
> metal to Nevada (Solaris 11, whatever) quickly by providing Solaris 10
> branded zones, it would only make sense to provide S8/S9 branded zones
> on S11 as well.

I follow your logic. It is very important to distinguish between the
bi-weekly builds of OpenSolaris, the supported releases of the
OpenSolaris distro, and the-next-version-of-Solaris-after-10. They are
different entities, and the abilities to run S8C or S9C on each of
those are very different things.

S8C and S9C are (non-open-source) products that Sun (as opposed to
other distributors of OpenSolaris distros) makes available. I don't
think that this is an appropriate place for discussion of Sun's
product futures. But I have been wrong about such things before...

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