Thanks for reviewing this again.  I took most of your
input.  For the things I didn't take, I have responded

Jordan Vaughan wrote:

1260-1261,1286-1287,1313,etc.: Couldn't we make arg1 a zoneid_t, arg2 an
int, arg3 a char *, and arg4 a size_t and eliminate some of the casts in
s10_zone() (as well as some of the automatic variables, e.g., buf and

Since thats not always the types of the parameters passed, I don't
want to change this since it would complicate any work we might
do in the future.


get_image_emul_version(): I agree with Ed that get_image_emul_version()
is superfluous.  Now that I've thought about it,
$ZONEROOT/usr/lib/brand/solaris10/version should be sufficient for the
brand to determine whether it can host the associated S10C.  All we need
to do is hard-code the maximum version number supported by the brand
(for example, as a preprocessor constant), fetch the version number
stored in $ZONEROOT/usr/lib/brand/solaris10/version (or zero if the file
does not exist), check whether the latter exceeds the former, and set
the brand's emulation number to that stored in

See my response to Ed on what I did here.  The check for the minimal
KU is not superfluous, but I did rewrite this as I explained to Ed.

Thanks again,

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